Nominations for induction are accepted through out the year, but all nominations must be submitted prior to January 1 of the induction year. Inductions are held during the fall of odd years usually during the month of September. Currently accepting nominations for 2019.

Who can nominate candidate?
Nominations can be made by Hall of Fame Members; Tuskegee University Alumni; Tuskegee University Alumni Clubs; any individual knowledgeable about the candidate’s achievements; or the candidate.
Selection Criteria: Nominees for induction into the Tuskegee University Athletic Hall of Fame will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Made exceptional contributions to the sport(s) they are being nominated by earning at least one letter and other awards appropriate to the sport. Examples of other awards are most valuable player; all conference; team captain; professional team draft etc.
  • Direct, consistent and current financial support to university within 5 years prior to the submission of application. Nominee must provide documented record(s) of financial support to the University through alumni affiliation, student recruitment, direct financial support, etc.
  • Graduate of Tuskegee University or graduate of some other university (4-year degree) for at least 10 years prior to nomination. Nominee must provide documented record(s) of graduation.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities through professional accomplishments. Nominee must have been successful in his/her professional career(s).
  • Community service exhibited. Nominee must provide documented record(s) of community service.

The following two documents provide detail instructions on submitting a nomination. Please read all directions in these documents prior to submitting a nomination.

Care should be taken to provide significant documented information in all areas on the nomination form. Each area will be evaluated and rated. Nominees who are selected for induction and accept the nomination are expected to contribute a minimum of $600.00 to help defray the cost of sustaining the Hall of Fame. Congratulatory messages honoring the nominee may be placed in the souvenir journal and will count toward the nominee’s contribution. Instruction for this process will be provided to the nominee after the selections are made. Nominations applications are kept on file for three years. If the nominee is not inducted at the end of the third year an updated application must be submitted to be considered for induction.

Nomination Application should be mailed to arrive no later than December 31, 2018.

Mailing Address:

Mr. James A. Tinsley, Jr., Chair Tuskegee University Athletic Hall of Fame Committee
3264 Stone Manor Circle
Chester, Virginia 23831-2128

Question or correspondence regarding the Hall of Fame nomination process should be directed to Mr. James Tinsley, Chairman of the TUAHOF Selection Committee (804) 796 3051.